DevOps: Skyrocket Your Efficiency

HurraNet is a software development consultancy that specializes in DevOps and Backend development services. We are contracted by both startups and corporates to transform in-house technology processes into modern automated processes especially on the cloud. Our end-to-end approach touches every step of the deployment process, including infrastructure orchestration, configuration management to the application testing, deployment and continuous integration. This means, minimizing risks and costs of deployments and enabling companies to become truly agile. Our holistic approach will skyrocket your efficiency, enabling your resources to focus on product development and empowering them to release builds and scale out efficiently and safely. While we like to closely examine your specific needs to provide a complete and tailored end-to-end proposal, but here is a non-inclusive list of where we can help:

  • Infrastructure as Code: Is your cloud inventory getting out of control? Is your infrastructure specifications inconsistent across various nodes of same application? Are unintentional human errors causing unnecessary delays and rebuilds when scaling out an existing a cluster? Do you wish to have an audit history of changes to your infrastructure? These are just some of the problems that will be completely eradicated when you correctly apply Infrastructure as Code concept. Whether you need to apply this concept on existing infrastructure or for your next-gen infrastructure, we will work with you to ensure the best and most correct application of it.
  • Configuration Management: How difficult and human-error prone your scale up process? Do you spend too much time installing software and configuring it for every new instance? Do you find versioned images difficult to maintain and change? How consistent is the software and configuration across your application nodes? Would you like to correctly automate the installation of all software and dependencies and configure them? Whether you want our recommendation for the best technology(ies), or you want our help to develop or maintain your existing Chef, Puppet or Docker repositories, our experience in automating the most complex setup will definitely be a great investment for your growing infrastructure.
  • Continuous Integration, Testing and Deployment: How risky and time-consuming are your releases? Do you find yourself releasing too many features in big infrequent releases? How confident do you feel when having to deploy hot fixes? Releases don’t have to be a scary and exceptional thing to do, with well designed deployment pipeline and automated test suites, releasing can be a very ordinary thing to do. We will help untangle the most complex application dependencies and design the best release and code collaboration processes.
  • High Availability, Redundancy and Replication: Do you suffer from single point of failures? Do you wish to re-architect your system to leverage redundancy and failover techniques? We have provided solution to the most complex applications and systems, whether data stores such as MongoDB, Redis, HDFS or web services and applications or background jobs. We have experience in architecting the best solutions to minimize downtime, data loss or unexpected hazards.
  • Support and Standard Operating Procedures: How often are your on-call team members getting woken up only to perform some routine patterns to fix a known issue? How much time is your ops or development team spending on routing complex procedures? Whether as simple as log rotation or extremely complex such as detecting data discrepancies of high-traffic real-time data synchronization processes, we have done it all. We are confident we can automate the most complex procedures.
  • Big Data Infrastructure: Are you looking to get the most out of your data? Do you wish you had the tools to analyze your logs or user-generated data? Whether you are looking for the experience to get you started on Hadoop – Cloudera or Hortonworks, or looking for someone to maintain and enhance your current infrastructure, we are confident that our services will be a great investment.


Backend & Full-Stack Development: Best Practices Only!

Our team has a very long and established experience in back-end development services. Additionally, while we do not provide front-end-focused services – such as single-page applications – but we do engage in full-stack development. We have built countless number of back-end platforms, ranging from simple RESTful APIs, to really complex Hadoop-powered REST APIs that use a various data sources such as MongoDB and Cloudera Impala. We have experience developing real-time streams (e.g. Storm topologies), background jobs (e.g. Ozzie) and back-end components of web and mobile applications. Our experience will guarantee a clean and scalable code that will never become a bottleneck when you are ready to grow and expand your technology.