LIMITED TIME - New Clients Receive Free 2-Hour On-Demand Consulting Credit

On-Demand Consulting

No Commitment!

  • File a ticket with details and necessary access information.
  • Sit back and all will be taken care of!
  • Urgent / Emergency Service Available.
  • Ideal for:
    DevOps, System Administration and Production Support
    Deployments and Releases
    Small Well-defined DevOps Tasks
    Complex and Specialized Bug Fixes
    Phone / Email Consultations and Architectural Planning

    Full-Service Consulting

    Let us  Identify, Plan and Execute

    Tell us your vision, ideas or technical business problems. We will do the evaluation, research and provide you with full cutting-edge technology proposal, and execute it for you.

    Ideal for:
    New Projects
    Migrations to New Technology / Rewrites
    Large DevOps or Software Development Initiatives
    Technology or Industry Best-Practices Knowledge Acquisition
    Yes - We Thoroughly Document Everything!

    Our Audience if you belong to one of the following group, you've come to the right place


    A large percentage of our clients are visionary entrepreneurs who we have helped achieve their ambitions. If you have big dreams but don't have the technical resources, let us help you!

    Consulting Companies

    Consulting companies looking for extra resources or specialized expertise to get their clients projects done, let us be part of your team and help you grow your business. Our work quality will guarantee you repeat hires!

    Startups and Mid-Sized

    If you need help jump start your new initiatives or validate your designs and plans. We have the cutting-edge expertise and knowledge to plan and execute using best practices only. We leave no technical debt behind.

    • Ansible
    • Docker
    • Amazon Web Servics (AWS)
    • MongoDB
    • Cloudera Hadoop Distribution
    • Java
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PHP / Symfony